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Bodotex had a previous website that was not ideal to show off for their customers, and it was out-date. Bodotex was therefore looking for an completely new page, where their partners and stakeholders could read about the company, and fine ideal information. All bodotex wanted was a website they could be proud to show off.


The primary task at Kraaer was to optimize and redesign elements for their website. Kraaer has chosen to focus more on their physical store than their webstore. So, their webstore had plenty to tackle, including SEO, Descriptions, Graphic Elements, and brand optimization.
The goal of my internship was to learn and deliver, within the industry I imagine working with in the future.


LAND + landscape architects are located in one of Odense’s venerable buildings, and have over 20 years of experience in, developing and constructing projects ,on large and small scales across Denmark.

Michael Finke is the studio’s owner and daily leader of a team consisting of both landscape architects and architects. Over the years, they have built up a diverse network of partners, public and private.


The first year of working there, Helle stayed as an employee. Helle and her husband ‘Brain’ wanted to become co-ownser of KRAAER, with a vital role in the webshop, and content for their Facebook and Instagram. In KRAAER you will be able to find everything new, from the 32 brands they sell. There will be different collections according to what season of the year, so they always stay up to date.