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Stupid loud pack

Young Ryder is a friend of mine, there recently started making music. He came to me asking for a cover photo, for his song since he wanted to post it on Spotify.
The song is named ‘Stupid loud pack’ and means, ‘Another level of marijuana’s sensory goodness’ from something. After I found out about this, the idea for the cover photo came to me by itself.


During my education we were given an assignment, to take a picture with certain requirements.

I decided to make a little ‘Story’ that I called ‘The city is a zoo’.
Requirements were as follows:
– Landscape photography
– Long exposure photography
– Street photography
– Wildlife photography


This Advertising video was a part of a course on my education, where we had to make a portrait video, or advertising video. The video must show something about ourselves/a, product that was self-chosen.

I took the task of making an advertising video, where I choose to use a shirt, I made my self. I choose to make a ‘montage’ of the sweater, where I was able to get a lot of information about the product in a visual way.


#desruc_2 {
    the crossing between light and Color
    may be light from Within
    i Don’t know but i want to see
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